Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting manuscript submissions for the following fiction genres: literary fiction, family saga, high-concept women’s fiction, crime & mystery.
When it comes to non–fiction, we are open to fresh and smart narrative nonfiction and memoir.

We are particularly interested in everything in the areas of politics, human rights activism, anti-racism, African-American culture, gender equality and women’s empowerment, sport, music (Hip Hop, R&B) and art.

We accept e-mail inquiries only and will usually respond within 8 weeks.
Please don’t send us an inquiry if you haven’t finished your novel yet!
Please send your inquiry to making sure to include the following materials in the body of the email (no attachments please!):

a) a cover letter specifying the genre and word count, and whether you are sending your proposal to other agencies or publishers;
b) your writing CV;
c) a synopsis, with ending;
d) the first two chapters of your book.

To ensure that your inquiry reaches us and doesn’t end up in the spam folder, please begin the subject line with the word “Inquiry”.

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